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In order to improve the quality of life of the citizens, Municipality of New Belgrade launched the project “New Belgrade’s club” that allows citizens to get a discount when paying for goods or services of New Belgrade’s club members.

The idea is that in addition to traditional shopping in retail stores, New Belgrade’s card provide additional discounts for various sports, cultural and other activities.

New Belgrade’s card is active from 1 July 2013 until 1 July 2014.

All the adult citizens of Municipality of New Belgrade may apply for the card, free of charge in a building of Municipality of New Belgrade.

City Municipality of New Belgrade signed contract for cooperation with following companies:

Natali commerce in 1989
Health Centre Dr Ristic
Language School Eurolingua
Private veterinary clinic Delic
JP Belgrade Hippodrome
TD Plato Books d.o.o.
SZR Beostaklo
Veterinary Clinic Spina
Sky Multicom
Sky Pro Team
Opticians Nina Optik
UFK SRC Tasmajdan
D & I d.o.o.
AK Top Form
D.O.O. Top Form
Planet Kofi sop
TK Viner
Tennis Center Usce
Dental Practice FILIDENT
Viktor gas 1985.d.o.o.
Belexpocentar Ltd. , a branch of Holiday Inn Belgrade …